A web-development way to create interactive buttons using only CSS3.

You clicked on the Pure CSS3 Clic Button
and the aspect of the page has been changed using only CSS3.

The button is able to control html elements to change their appearance,
here are three examples of use :

All modifications of the style's page are possible on a mouse-clic.

Even pure CSS3 video-games can be developed.

And so you did, just with CSS3.

This pack includes all the necessary to be a master of the Pure CSS3 Clic Button :

First of all :

Also :

Plus :



HTML5 and
CSS3 code



to understand
step by step
how to use it.

A special tool
to help developers
using the CSS3 Button.


Advantages of using a CSS solution :

- Speed : CSS is a native language on the browsers, so it is already available client-side and don't need to call an outside library, a precious gain of time.

- Developpment, maintainance and recruitment : with this technique the necessary Javascript skills to the life of a website are strongly dismished and can even disappear on various projects, what makes the task easyer at every level.

- Future : CSS is a language having a promising future, it guarantees projects to be durables.

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